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Welcome to the Wood Lover’s Wax digital space – we are Veteran-Owned and Family-Run!  Wood Lover’s Wax is a ‘smooth like butter’ wax that’s super easy to use, simply ‘wax on, wax off’ 😉  It cleans, enhances, nourishes and protects wood, metal, leather and more.  Invented in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Wood Lover’s Wax is handcrafted in small batches in the foothills of Mt. Washington and at the Delaware Seashore.

Wood Lover's Wax Meets Shou Sugi Ban

Wood Lover's Wax Meets Shou Sugi Ban
Wood Lover's Wax Meets Shou Sugi Ban
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Wood Lover's Wax on Leather
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Wood Lover's Wax on Rusted Metal Cat
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About Us

George:  Creator, Founder & Chief Cheese in Charge

Karen:   (George's Daughter) Marketing Maven & More

Erik:     (Karen's Husband) Brain Trust & Video Dude

Years in the making and fresh on the scene, Wood Lover’s Wax™ is the go-to wax to easily clean, enhance and restore your wood and metal (and more) projects.  

Created by George Short, an antique tool conservationist and dealer of two-plus decades, Wood Lover’s Wax™ is the culmination of an adventurous journey in wood and metal restorers and cleaners, none of which provided the end result he was looking for; “I prefer conservation and returning the tools to their original function without rust, but retaining the patina that represents their history,” says George; “I tried various solutions like furniture wax, undiluted linseed oil, kerosene, Murphy’s soap and various other products to restore and conserve the woods and metals with which I worked but none of them produced the finish I wanted, or protected the wood and metal in a fashion that was anywhere near up to my standards.”


After experimenting with a host of those other options, George discovered the basic blend that is now Wood Lover’s Wax™.  Even after finding the right ingredients, it took time to create the right mix in the right quantities.  At first it was much too stiff for easy application and went on much to thickly.  After many trials the right formula was achieved and became the product that is Wood Lover’s Wax™.  The beauty of it is that it’s easy to use and is forgiving.  In fact, says George, “If you leave it on too long and it becomes tacky, simply apply another coat and wipe it off.  Simplicity is a great thing and the results are equally impressive.  AND it creates a tactile finish that customers love to hold and even caress.”  Surfaces treated with Wood Lover’s Wax™ are pleasant to touch and have a natural patina that compliments the antique or any DIY or home project to which it is applied.


George is joined by his daughter, Karen, who brings her savvy marketing and inherent love of ‘all the old things’.  Her husband, Erik, is the ‘how-to’ video guy and lynch pin of their brain trust. 

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5 Airport Road

West Lebanon, NH

Available Locally!

77 Main Street

Plymouth, NH

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281 Main Street

Littleton, NH

We LOVE small business and supporting local!  If you're around one of these awesome shops, stop in for a browseabout and pick up some of our awesome wax while you're at it!

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